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Well, hello there!

You have arrived! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by, and I'd really love it if you'd make this community more amazing by joining us. I'd also really appreciate it if you could bear with me and read over our introduction entry.

If you're being directed to this community through mac_cosmetics, you may be wondering if there is a point in joining yet another new MAC Cosmetics centered community. And, if there is a point, why this one? I can assure you that I'm aware that there have been several failed attempts in the past to re-start a community in which users can share MAC-related thoughts, pictures, FOTDs, and whatever else the community wants. I've been a member of most of those attempts, and have unfortunately seen them all fizzle out from inactivity.

This is the problem. If you're here, you probably have taken issue, now or at some point, with the way mac_cosmetics is run. There are too many sales posts, one anonymous & MIA moderator who doesn't actually moderate, or who moderates poorly, no one to keep up with making the community relevant by adding memories or tags, etc. etc. The list goes on, and I am feeling or have felt the same frustrations with it as you have. And this is why I think you should join THIS community. I'll start with an introduction of myself.

My name is Amy, and I have been a MAC addict for four years now. You may know me as amy04 on YouTube. I've been a make-up artist for three years now, and worked at MAC for two-and-a-half of those years. I am going to be attending esthiology school in the fall. So, first thing's first, make-up and beauty are two of my greatest interests, and MAC is my favorite brand. Next, and I guess I'm tooting my own horn here, but I know I'm a damn good moderator. I don't believe in ruling with an iron fist, but I am an organizer with perfectionist tendencies, and I plan to make this community as relevant, informative, and successful as I can possibly make it. So that's me, and what I bring to the community.

I really hope you will choose to accept my proposal to form a new MAC community and do something about it! I know this sounds corny, but there's only one way to re-establish a community on LJ and that is to attract as many interested people as possible, and have those members actually post in it. Keep in mind that a community without sales and ISO posts is going to be significantly less active if people aren't posting FOTDs or questions or thoughts in it, which is why I totally encourage you to use this community as a cumulative MAC Cosmetics journal. Feel free to post polls, text-only posts with your thoughts about a collection or policy or product, reviews, and, of course, pictures and videos.

Thanks for sticking through the post with me, and once again, I hope you'll join!
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