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make-up • art • cosmetics

Make-up • Art • Cosmetics
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make-up art cosmetics, mac cosmetics, online beauty community
(yes, this community has)

1. Treat others the way you want to be treated. In compliance with LJ's own terms, you may not post someone else's personal information in this community.

2. Posts should mostly be focused on MAC Cosmetics, but certainly other make-up and beauty brands are relevant, and therefore on-topic as well. Off-topic posts will be deleted.

3. Please try to format posts that contain images behind a cut. Preview images are allowed and encouraged. To do an LJ cut, paste this before the content you want behind it: <lj-cut> and this after the content: </lj-cut>. For the sake of young readers and users perusing in their workplace, please refrain from posting NSFW pictures or offensive language.

4. The big one: There are to be NO sale, swap, or in search of posts in this community. We'd really like to keep the focus on trading and sharing information, pictures, experiences, etc. related to MAC Cosmetics. If you'd like to sell, swap, or search for items, there are many places online for you to do so.

5. Please don't make any advertisement posts.

6. Do not disable comments on entries. The goal here is to focus on discussion and sharing, and disabling comments kind of defeats our purpose!

7. Currently both membership and posting are open and unmoderated. This may change

8. Lastly (and I know this is just for decoration and everyone here will be lovely and abide by the rules): I have the right to ban anyone who breaks the rules, especially the golden rule, from the community.